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Minnesota’s enforcement of the new hands-free cell phone law means that you may not use your phone in any way while driving. Strict fines can range from $130 to $300, as over five thousand penalized Minnesotans have already discovered.


For some, this law may be hard to obey, and for that reason Pat Saum of Luverne is providing safe solutions that allow you to still be a safe, hands-free driver:


- If your vehicle has Bluetooth features, Pat can configure auto-answer and hands-free calling settings for your device in thirty minutes. This service is $35.

- If your vehicle does not have Bluetooth features, Pat can update your vehicle with a Bluetooth device that will allow newer cell phones to connect. This service is $60.


Half of the proceeds from each of these packages go towards benefitting our local Sanford Hospice Cottage.


Pat will be at the Mall on Main in Luverne on Saturday, December 7th and Saturday, December 14th from 9am to 2pm.


To arrange an appointment for either of these dates, email Pat at pat.saum@gmail.com or call him at (605) 254-2072.

"Hands-Free" does not mean "Once in a while I'm hands-free while driving."